Tip! The Great Work of our Time – online conversation – April 18th – 18.00 – 23.00 A’dam time

The Club of Rome (Dutch Chapter) highly recommends the following online conversation, initiated by John D. Liu, called ‘The Great Work of our Time. 

Purpose of this meeting (from the organizers): 

Our purpose is not to make a media event, but to achieve a shared intention to work together for the benefit of all life on Earth.

We’re striving to have a profound and nuanced conversation about ecosystem restoration and the potential of the 23 existing Ecosystem Restoration Camps and the thousands more needed worldwide. In a crisis with few immediately actionable solutions: Ecosystem Restoration Camps can not only help mitigate and adapt to climate changes, restore hydrology, soil fertility and biodiversity, they can help address hunger, homelessness, unemployment and social disruption.

Renowned guest speakers will share their various restoration efforts via short video presentations and participate in live Q & A.

Everyone is equal and everyone has a role to play in THE GREAT WORK OF OUR TIME.

What will be your role?

With participation of:

Elder Tina Calderon, Gabrieliño Tongva & Ventureño Chumash  – facebook.com/tina.o.calderon

Paul Stamets, Fungi Perfecti – fungi.com 

Willem Ferwerda, Commonland – www.commonland.com

Christopher Breedlove, Burning Man Leadership Council – burningman.org

Li An Phoa, Drinkable Rivers – drinkablerivers.org

Didi Pershouse, Land and Leadership – landandleadership.org/

Dulanie Ellis, Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields – walkyourtalk.tv

Dr. Allen Williams, Soil Health Academy – soilhealthacademy.org 

Roxane Boonstra, Coral Restoration Foundation – coralrestoration.org

Finian Makepeace, Kiss The Ground – kisstheground.com

Ties van der Hoeven, The Weather Makers – theweathermakers.nl

Pieter van der Gaag, Ecosystem Restoration Foundation – ecosystemrestorationcamps.org/foundation 

Sekem, Helmy Abouleish – www.sekem.com/en/index

John Allen, BirdHouse – atthebirdhouse.org

Matthew Trumm, Treetop Permaculture – treetoppermaculture.org

Andrew Langford, Gaia University – gaiauniversity.org

Band of Singers – atthebirdhouse.org/bandofsingers 

Mollie Engelhart, Sow A Heart – www.sowaheart.com 

Wouter van Eck, Foodforest Ketelbroek –facebook.com/foodforestketelbroek

Rising Appalachia – risingappalachia.com

Sonne Copijn, The Bee Foundation – thebeefoundation.org 

Manari, Sapara tribe – pachamama.org

Sam Teicher, Coral Vita – coralvita.co 

Jesse Smith, White Buffalo Land Trust – whitebuffalolandtrust.org 

Tom Duncan, Earthbanc

Misha Teasdale, GreenPop – greenpop.org 

Arouna & Biko – arounabiko.bandcamp.com

Charles Eisenstein – charleseisenstein.org

Adrian Vallera, Disclosurefest – disclosurefest.org

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